AirStone in the bathroom?

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Back in January of this year, the blog Lovely Crafty Home featured AirStone on a tub surround and boy, did that generate a lot of interest!  It also prompted many readers to wonder….can I use AirStone INSIDE of a shower?  We get that question a lot!  The answer is that technically, it’s fine if AirStone gets wet (of course!  It’s approved for outdoor use!).  HOWEVER, we probably would not recommend it for INSIDE a shower.   Why?  Only because it might be a pain to try to keep it clean considering the constant build-up of soap residue and all the nooks and crannies on AirStone. 

And keep in mind, for those of you wanting to use AirStone in other areas of the bath (including on the tub!)….there are two important things to consider:  1) Make sure the substrate you are applying the AirStone to is OK by thoroughly reading the installation instructions, and 2) if you feel that there is an excessive (well above average) amount of moisture in your bathroom, you should use Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive (this is the adhesive we recommend for exterior use). 

You can read Racheal’s entire AirStone story at her great blog, Lovely Crafty Home.  





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