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My honey-do project

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My wife wanted me to install a mantel shelf above the fireplace – but I decided to go a step further and purchase some AirStone Spring Creek to dress it up a bit.  Hope she likes it!   😉   After this project and how easy it was with your product, there will be more to come…thanks!        — Jack

Blog Archives

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Bloggers often share their AirStone projects and offer helpful tips and tutorials. Below are quick links to some great blogs that may help you find the perfect AirStone solution for YOUR design challenge!  Please note that older blogs may contain information on components that are no longer available (check our Collections) page to see our latest product innovations!).

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, 2/28/18 Spring Creek fireplace

How to Nest for Less, 12/22/17 Autumn Mountain on an exterior foundation

Practically Functional, 12/22/17 Spring Creek on an exterior foundation

The Creek Line House, 12/14/17 Spring Creek accent wall (living room)

Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer, 12/7/17, Birch Bluff accent wall (office)

The Kelly Homestead, 12/2/17, Birch Bluff accent wall (bathroom)

Domestically Speaking, 10/6/17, Birch Bluff fireplace

The Accent Piece, 9/18/17, Birch Bluff fireplace

Pine and Prospect Home, 8/18/17, Birch Bluff fireplace

Make Life Lovely, 1/18/17, Spring Creek fireplace

Back to Blueberry Hill, 7/27/16, Birch Bluff fireplace

Building Castle Hope, 11/21/16, Spring Creek nursery (made to look like a castle!)

Domestic Imperfection, 12/29/14, Vineyard Blend accent wall (bedroom)

The Kim Six Fix, 11/21/14, Autumn Mountain fireplace

Infarrantly Creative, 10/31/14, Spring Creek fireplace

1800 Farmhouse Road, 5/7/14, Autumn Mountain fireplace (stained and installed with grout lines)

Twice Lovely, 12/3/13, Spring Creek accent wall (dining room)

Binkies and Briefcases, 9/26/13, Spring Creek fireplace

The Lettered Cottage, 9/23/13, Spring Creek fireplace

Lovely Crafty Home, 1/28/13, Spring Creek on a bathtub

Stilettos & Diapers, 3/12/12, Autumn Mountain backsplash

My Autumn Mountain kitchen

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What a great product!  — Jay

What a difference

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Wow, I’m so glad I found AirStone at my local Lowes.  I knew my bathroom was UGLY, but wasn’t sure what to do about it without spending a fortune!  So just some AirStone, new fixtures, a coat of paint and a new shower curtain have totally transformed my bathroom!!!!    — Jessica



Color:  Birch Bluff


Wasn’t sure, but…

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After looking at all types of fireplace surround types my wife found airstone at our local Lowes store. I wasn’t sure about it but after reading as much information as I could find on it we decided to give it a try. It was extremely easy to install and cut, for cutting I used an old blade on my power miter saw . Everything worked out great as you can see from the pictures and only took me two days to accomplish. I recommended this product!  — Steve

Color:  Spring Creek

My project

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Just wanted to share my exterior Autumn Mountain project, I included a close-up too.  Thanks!   — Juan



Constant compliments

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I can’t say enough amazing things about Airstone! It was so easy to use and it completely transformed the exterior of our house. It’s so nice to not see so much foundation anymore! The curb appeal is incredible! We’re constantly getting compliments from everyone!  –Tasia



Color:  Spring Creek

My first DIY project

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After looking around all over the internet and a few stores, we found AirStone at our local Lowe’s. We watched a few videos and looked at what others were doing with it and decided to use AirStone. It was a great decision not only because it looks great, but it was very easy to install. We decided to mix two colors to get the rustic look we were after. This was my first ever DIY project and I can’t be any happier with the results.  — Larry

Color: Autumn Mountain, Spring Creek


“You know it’s a game changer!”

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Read all about Suzie’s adventures in “AirStoning” in her blog, The Accent Piece.  “I have no doubt you will be asking yourself how many areas of your home you could transform with this stuff,” she notes after finishing her fireplace project, using our Birch Bluff color.  You can read more here….



Extremely easy to use

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Wanted to install a backsplash & ended up covering the entire wall. My kitchen looks completely different, we love it! It’s true that the Airstone cuts easily….extremely easy to use, this Mom did it all by myself!  Most excited about the project because I did it without my husbands help!
— Rachel


AFTERColor:  Autumn Mountain