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Face lift for a retaining wall

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I restored the integrity of my existing retaining wall!   — Stephen

Color:  Spring Creek



Fireplace Makeover

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I wanted to make my fireplace the focal point of the room, but I didn’t like my ordinary cookie cutter mantle. I used a mix of Autumn Mountain and Spring Creek to get this look. Overall, simple installation, beautiful outcome. And just to let you know how easy the installation is, I have rheumatoid arthritis which limits my physical activities. But the airstone was so easy to put up that I was able to do it over 4 days all by myself!  Great product. I am actually thinking about doing another wall in my kitchen!  Would totally recommend to anyone!  My neighbors have all come to see the results!       — Lena

Color:  Autumn Mountain and Spring Creek (mix)





Pleased with the outcome

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Just wanted to share my completed AirStone project. I am very pleased with the outcome and your product was exceptionally easy to use.  My cutting tool of choice was a 10″ miter saw with a general purpose carbide blade.     — Mike

Color:  Autumn Mountain


“decided to take the plunge…”

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I’ve been looking and thinking about AirStone for quite a while and finally decided to take the plunge and tackle my kitchen. I am so glad I did! It was pretty easy to work with, I used extender boxes to bring my outlets out flush with the stone. I did have to make a few custom cuts around the outlets because the home builder put 7 outlets in the kitchen and they weren’t all straight or inline with each other so that made it a little difficult. I used my Dremel tool with the diamond blade to make those custom cuts and it worked like a charm!  Added the under cabinet lighting and it looks amazing! Thanks for making such an easy product to work with!       — Yvette


“Nice transformation…”

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Used the Spring Creek collection to cover a painted brick fireplace for a nice transformation.  — Steve


Check out my AirStone arch!

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I really enjoyed using the AirStone, and once I started I couldn’t stop I want to put it everywhere.  It is so fun and easy to use!     — Julie

Color:  Autumn Mountain



Love it!

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Love my new accent wall…used Spring Creek and Autumn Mountain.  Absolutely love it!   — Diane



Thanks, AirStone!

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Great stuff!   — Bryan

Color:  Autumn Mountain


Loving our AirStone!

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My husband and I are loving our AirStone!  It has inspired us to create our own unique design style. With AirStone you can go from traditional, modern, contemporary, Tuscan/ Mediterranean.    — Julie

Color: Autumn Mountain


For those who want to cover the typical 4″ square glossy white tile that builder’s provide for the bathrooms AirStone is perfect and we found that pebble mosaic tile complemented this on top of the tub (see new picture):

My outdoor kitchen

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As the pics show, my project came out amazing!  I’m not a carpenter or anything, I just started building, no plans in advance. Wasn’t too expensive until I got to counter choices, in this part of the country (New Hampshire) with the freezing temps, it was granite or stone…anywhere else $1 tiles from Lowes would have been fine. The AirStone was perfect since the kitchen is on a deck platform, other cultured stone would have been thousands of pounds. The cabinets are basically pressure treated 2×4’s, covered with pressure treated plywood, then cement board, then membrane paint, then AirStone. In warmer climates, you wouldn’t even need the plywood or membrane paint, so the costs could be cut in half.     — Robert

Color:  Spring Creek