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AirStone arches!

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Tracy shared her AirStone project with us.  She used Autumn Mountain as a decorative accent around her archways.  What a great look!


AirStone fireplace makeover

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Layla Palmer detailed her AirStone project on her awesome blog, “The Lettered Cottage.” Layla writes: “Today’s post is all about the AirStone faux stone on the front of the fireplace. We found our AirStone at Lowe’s in Montgomery but apparently it’s not available at every location. If you’re interested in picking some up, you may want to give your local Lowes a call first to see if they have it. At first, I thought it was going to feel like foam, but it really does feel just like stone! We used the Spring Creek-color, and here’s a photo of the finished product, what a difference, huh?”





My Kitchen Backsplash Project!

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I added a backsplash to my kitchen and I love it!!!  Thanks for a budget friendly and easy solution!       — Julie





Entry Accent Wall

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Brenda writes, “I used both colors for my wall but left out the darkest of the Autumn Mountain and only used the darkest of the Spring Creek sparingly. I appreciate how easy it was to work with your product!  We love the results!”


Fireplace update

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We recently used your product to update our fireplace in our home.  We really enjoyed the product and the project turned out nice.    –Michael



“Love it!”

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Updated my kitchen this week with the Autumn Mountain AirStone…love it!  It’s beautiful and makes my kitchen look awesome…it took about 2 days.                      — Joni


Best one day makeover!

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“This is by far one of the best one day makeovers I’ve attempted so far. Thank you for making life that much easier!”          –Gina


“Great product folks!”

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“After searching for bricks we stumbled on AirStone at Lowe’s.  It was easy to work with and does cut with a hacksaw.  I would recommend a miter box. You do have to be a little imaginative to place the stones.  Next phase, the cabinets and counters!  Great product folks!  Take your time and have fun!”            –Bob


AirStone on a curved surface

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Writes Kenny:  “I just finished adding AirStone to my staircase and wanted to share the images and success story with you. Working on a curved surface is certainly not as easy as a flat surface but it is actually not too difficult.  I added extra adhesive behind the area the protruded the farthest from the wall.  It actually set up nicely and was secured adequately to the wall.  I think that a key point to remember is to use shorter pieces in the area that has the greatest curvature.  I am happy to show everyone the endless possibilities that your product offers and I will submit future projects once they are complete!”

AS Wallta

“…priced right and easy to install.”

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This product is great to work with. Really easy to cut. Takes a little time but the outcome is really worth it. The product is priced right and easy to install. This was a closet that we were able to reverse and install a linear gas fireplace. What a change to our family room.          –Greg