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I loved this project!

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I have finished installing the Air Stone product in my family room. I absolutely LOVE the finished look!  We live in the mountains in Northern Arizona and wanted a cozier feel to our Retreat House family room. I loved this project and now want to stone everything I see. Well maybe not everything, but a lot of walls are begging for stone!      Candy


“Amazing! Easy! Recommend to all!”

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Ever since doing this project, I can’t stop raving about AirStone!  So easy and beautiful!! Have been asked to do it in other peoples’ homes. We have our backsplash too and now I’m considering doing a whole wall. BEWARE….very addicting because it’s so easy!!                 — Kaitlin



My one-day makeover

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Take a look at my one-day makeover of a fireplace that completely changed the look!  The original ceramic tile was dated and did not match the décor.  In less than a day using AirStone I was able to do a makeover that was easy to install for the do-it yourselfer and looks fabulous!        - Sam



“Worth every cent!”

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Here’s my fireplace “after”…AirStone is so great!  Easy product and worth every cent!                    – Michele



My fireplace project with Vineyard Blend

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Loved how my fireplace turned out with the AirStone!!    –Patty



Beautifying a guest bathtub

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“Loved using this product to add stone to my guest bath. This product is addicting and I am going to be using it in my laundry room next!  Thanks for making my first ever DIY project so easy!”           –Nicole






A Spring Creek accent wall

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“I love the product!!”          -Judy




“No Husband Needed!”

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Brittany wrote:  “I was at Lowes to pick up a light bulb, when I saw a video display about AirStone. One of the employees answered some questions and I was sold! Four hours later, I had a fresh new updated kitchen, and a newfound confidence in myself!  No husband needed!  Thanx!”



Party time!

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Bill did a great job on his outdoor kitchen, which he finished off with beautiful granite countertops.  “Got the barbeque finished, the countertops were a week late, but we got it done in time for our party!  Really happy with the barbeque,” he said.  His next AirStone project…a fire pit!



Nice job, Tom!

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Tom added a unique twist to his AirStone (Vineyard Blend) project….two inlaid diamond patterns!  He also noted, “I chose to leave the electrical outlet on the sheetrock instead of extending it so that the faceplate rested on the stones. That was a good choice since anything mounted on the surface of the stones will likely be uneven. I did the same for the TV mount. It’s flush to the sheetrock.”