The perfect look to fit your style.

AirStone is available in two color tones that complement a wide variety of home décor and exterior applications. Each collection includes flat stones, corner stones and natural edge stones to ensure an authentic appearance. Plus, individual AirStone pieces have the same subtle texture and color tones as real stone.

Choose From 2 Distinct Colors

Spring Creek

Spring Creek  

Autumn Mountain

Autumn Mountain  

How is AirStone packaged?

AirStone packages flat stones, corner stones and natural edge stones into separate cartons. After calculating the number of each type of stone that you’ll need for your project, simply purchase the appropriate number of cartons for each stone.

Flat Stones

1 carton = 8 square feet

Natural Edge Stones

1 carton = 6 linear feet

Corner Edge Stones

1 carton = 6 linear feet

AirStone Interior Adhesive

1 tub = approx. 30 square feet

AirStone Exterior Adhesive

1 tube = approx. 10 square feet

How much flat stone do I need?

One box of flat stones covers exactly eight square feet.
For flat stone, calculate the square footage of the area you want to cover. In the diagram below, the homeowner wants to cover the gray area in stone.

8ft. x 5.5 ft. =
4ft. x 3 ft. =
44sq. ft.
-12sq. ft.
32 sq. ft. total coverage area
32 ÷ 8 = 4 boxes

So the homeowner would need to buy 4 boxes of flat stone.

How much corner and/or natural edge stone do I need?

One box of corner stone or natural edge stone covers six linear feet.
If you need to go around a corner, or if a wall ends abruptly and you need a natural finish on the edge, simply measure that length or height.

In the example below, the homeowner would need enough to cover eight linear feet, and would need to buy two boxes of corner stone and/or natural edge stone.


What tools do I need?

All you’ll need to install AirStone is a putty knife to spread our pre-mixed adhesive and a hack saw. No special tools or mixing are needed. And for outdoors, just add gloves and caulk gun.