The natural choice for
artificial stone.

AirStone manufactured stone veneer is comprised of 60% recycled materials. This eco-friendly approach – combined with our patented manufacturing process – makes AirStone 75% lighter than real stone and 50% lighter than manufactured concrete stone.

Why recycled materials?
Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, recycling can also have an important economical impact. Many of today’s state-of-the-art materials have distinct advantages over conventional ones, although they often cost more to produce. By recycling these materials, Baton LLC can incorporate the benefits at a fraction of the original cost. The result is a better all-around product that is affordable, along with a sustainable business model for generations to come.

Every box

How can AirStone improve commercial projects?
The recycled content and lighter weight of AirStone can contribute to LEED points. A 50% reduction in shipping weight versus other manufactured stone requires less packaging and significantly reduces the energy requirements necessary to transport it to the job-site. Plus, the recycled materials provide insulation that would not be associated with conventional artificial stone. This reduces a building’s energy demand.

All together, AirStone is a smart, environmentally-friendly choice for both indoor and outdoor use. This follows the eco-friendly approach of Batón LLC – the parent company of AirStone – and their commitment to “Pass Along A Sustainable Tomorrow” to future generations.

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