The smart alternative to stone.

Natural stone walls, fireplaces and accent areas are beautiful additions to any home. But these projects typically require professional assistance, involving specialized materials, masons, mortar, grouting, dealing with structural issues and days – or even weeks – of construction. They’re certainly not quick or easy jobs.

That’s how the idea for AirStone was born. First and foremost, our engineers wanted to create a product that offered the same look, feel and durability of real stone. Next, installation had to be as simple as possible. And, finally, our product needed to be affordable.

The result is our patented technology that transforms recycled materials into an ultra-lightweight, natural-looking stone.

Watch how easy it is for anyone to install natural looking stone in only few hours with just adhesive, a putty knife and a hacksaw:

Now you can have the beauty, warmth and texture of stone in no time. All without the need for a contractor, specialized materials or other costly inconveniences:

AirStone can be applied directly to many surfaces, including drywall (interior only), concrete or brick that meet applicable building codes. Since each piece weighs 75% less than actual stone and is easily glued in place, anyone can handle the installation:

And clean-up is as easy as wiping off a putty knife and putting the lid back on the adhesive.

Go ahead, hang your artwork!  It’s OK to drill through AirStone!  Here are some pointers: