Incredible results in hours, not days.

Now you can have the beauty, warmth and texture of stone in no time. All without the need for a contractor, specialized materials or other costly inconveniences.

AirStone can be applied directly to many surfaces, including drywall (interior only), concrete or brick that meet applicable building codes. Since each piece weighs 75% less than actual stone and is easily glued in place, anyone can handle the installation. And clean-up is as easy as wiping off a putty knife and putting the lid back on the adhesive.  Click below for detailed interior and exterior installation directions.

How Much Primary Wall Stone Do I Need?

One box of Primary Wall Stones covers exactly eight square feet.
For Primary Wall Stone, calculate the square footage of the area you want to cover. In the diagram below, the homeowner wants to cover the gray area in stone.
8ft. x 5.5 ft. =
4ft. x 3 ft. =
44sq. ft.
-12sq. ft.
32 sq. ft. total coverage area
32 ÷ 8 = 4 boxes

So the homeowner would need to buy 4 boxes of Primary Wall Stone.

How much corner/finished end stone do I need?

One box of corner/finished end stone covers six linear feet.
If you need to go around a corner, or if a wall ends abruptly and you need a natural finish on the edge, simply measure that length or height.

In the example below, the homeowner would need enough to cover eight linear feet, and would need to buy two boxes of corner/finished end stone, and with those two boxes of corner/finished end stone, they will also get 15 square feet of coverage for their project (7.5 sq. ft. per carton) so they can subtract that from the 32 sq. ft. needed in the example above, bringing their need for primary wall stone down from 4 boxes to 2 boxes.


What tools do I need?

All you’ll need to install AirStone is a putty knife to spread our pre-mixed adhesive and a hack saw. No special tools or mixing are needed. And for outdoors, just add gloves and caulk gun.

More questions? Visit our FAQ page!

Determine your AirStone® needs for each project.
  1. Under “Primary Wall Stone", enter in the size of the area that you want to cover (exclude window openings). This will give you the square footage.
  2. Then, determine how much you need in terms of edging. This includes corners and finished ends. Enter the total height of all the areas to be covered, in inches. If you do not need finished ends or corners, enter “0.”
  3. You will get 7.5 square feet of stone for every corner/finished edge carton that you need (and 6 linear feet of edges). Subtract from the primary wall stones based upon your corner/finished end requirements.
AirStone Product Calculator

Primary Wall Stones
Enter wall dimensions (inches)
Number of boxes needed:
Corner/Finished End Stone
Enter height of all edges (inches)
Number of boxes needed:
Adhesive Needed
Square Footage of Project:

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