“My fireplace went from drab to rock star…”

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“We were tired of the gray brick fireplace that matched nothing in our home,” writes Christopher. “After shopping around, we found that the AirStone was the best looking, best priced and seemed easiest to install. I installed it directly on the old brick and the job was easier than I anticipated. I worked a couple hours a day in my spare time for five days. A smaller painted mantel made the stone space appear larger and I laid tile on the seat, which matches the counter in the kitchen from an earlier remodel.”

“My fireplace went from drab to rock star in less than a week and we love showing it off! I am so proud of my project that I went back to Lowe’s and taped a photo of my finished fireplace on the AirStone display with a note that said, My new fireplace. I did this!



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